Petanque : Cheap to play and a fun day out in the park

Welcome to Inverleith Petanque Club ,Edinburgh .

We meet every Tuesday and Thursday night from April until October , Wednesday afternoons and there is always an organised competition of some sort on Sunday afternoons more or less all year round.

Petanque is a fun and challenging game played by twenty million people in Western Europe . It has its roots in ancient times . Boules equipment of sorts, have been found in a pyramid. During the industrial revolution , Britain took to grass bowls after having invented the lawn mower . France et al stayed with Petanque and we are now trying to redress that balance .

Our game can be played by the very young through to the very old of both genders , all on level terms . The rules even allow a wheelchair user or paraplegic still on level terms, which must be quite unique among sports.

It is a great leveller, skill wins the game and not expensive gear. It is played on deliberately ungroomed gravel such as you park a car on The rules and tactics are intuitive and simple .

A £40 set of boules will last you for at least 40 years and will not cause you to play differently from someone with a nice shiny set at a £100 .

Our annual subs are currently cheaper than a seat for the latest musical at the Playhouse . We have around sixty members of all ages , degrees of skill and experience . We usually play with teams drawn randomly on the day .Thus avoiding the formation of cliques .

There are five properly qualified coaches, two of whom are disclosed for coaching juniors who are very welcome . We do though , like one parent at least to be involved if at all possible.

The game is quite simple and you could easily become an intermediate player in about a year , which is exactly why it is so popular in Europe.

You score one point for every boule you leave closer to the jack than the opponent's boule at the finish of an end(not alternate shots though ). If your team has the closest boule then you watch the opposition play until they have the "on" boule.Thirteen points wins the game.

Ever thought that you might like a shot ? Now's your chance . We have boules for you to use , expertise to show you the game and a club of around sixty players to welcome you.

We like to offer groups an afternoon of sport among themselves as a day out .An office or a club might like to have a competition and we would show you the ropes and provide the equipment.

We are allied to a bowling club adjacent to us in Inverleith Park-which is available.So all this with a nice cold beer or a coffee .

Send an email and we will make sure there is someone to meet you .